We Create Better Professionals

BeingProfessional is a certification in Professional Employability Skill Development and Personality Development Program. This course will offer you an overall and complete understanding of Industry concepts, practices in industries and build your competence. This course is created by Industry Experts who are working professionals in Multi-National Companies. It is designed for Fresh passionate Engineers/MBA about to pursue a career & Working Professionals who would like to sharpen their edge.

We are "FELICITAS CAREER AND EDUCATION PRIVATE LIMITED", a professional HR consultancy providing services in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Training & Development, E-Learning Programs, Compliance, HR outsourcing with major focus on enhancing the employability proficiency of Management and Engineering graduates.

World is fighting a global problem of mismatches between supply and demand in today’s job market. While there is an oversupply of people with low-level skills, there is a shortage of those with advanced, high-level skills. However, having earned degrees to enhance their employability, many graduates are now unemployed or underemployed because there is not enough demand for their skills.

We are committed to fraternity and are ornamental in developing employability dexterity of Youth of the country. Professional world beyond the Universities remains unexplored by the students. Growing competition in today’s scenario is raising the bar of expectations of Organizations. Many attempts by many people have been made in this direction hoping to fill the gap. METIS CONSULTING presents “BEING PROFESSIONAL” with a single motive- "Education Beyond University".

  • Total Practical oriented Learning
  • Practical Insights of subjects
  • Strong Foundation for Long term career
  • Development in to an all-round professional
  • Industry professionals as Mentors